Travel for Credit

Travel for Credit

Unforgettable Experiences. Experiential Learning. Lifelong Friends. Travel for Credit.

See the World and Earn Transferable Credits – An Unbeatable Combination

At EduTravel, we believe there is no better way to learn about a place, a culture, or a subject than by experiencing it firsthand. There’s a huge difference between experiencing Rome in a textbook compared to walking the ancient cobblestone streets that shaped our modern world; a massive gap between reading about Darwin’s adventures and literally following in his footsteps, experiencing the Galapagos just as he did over a hundred years ago.

Our goal is to fully immerse students in their course of study by taking them on a fun, informative, and safe trip headed by passionate educators across the world.

The benefits? Students come back more mature, more motivated, and excited to learn. And, as an added bonus, they’ve made friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

EduTravel March Break and Summer programs take students beyond the classroom on educational tours that are designed to instill within them a sense of wonder and excitement about whatever topic they’re studying.

With safety and education as our top priorities, we ensure learning goals are met while allowing your high school student to explore, have an adventure, have some free time to develop friendships and independence, and generally help them continue to grow into the amazing adult they soon will be.

How Travel for Credit Works

Our student travel programs are all tailored to be fun, safe, and educational. Each one is designed to give your child the opportunity to learn balanced with time to explore some of the most beautiful and celebrated places on earth.

The all-inclusive pricing means that you don’t have to worry about the details – see each individual trip’s page for more details on what’s included.

Travel for Credit Benefits

Teacher / TA-to-student ratio

No more stuffy classrooms with dozens of kids. Instead, your child will receive more attention and care from our educators. Every member of our trip team is a seasoned, passionate educator who can identify and adapt their teaching to a variety of learning obstacles and styles.

Teaching passion

It’s hard to inspire passion staring at a blackboard; much easier to do so when walking the streets of Paris. We want our students to not only learn, but also develop within them a love of learning. Many students come away from our tours with a better sense of self and what subjects interest them the most, making a potentially difficult university decision that much easier.

High-quality educators

Our team is made up of educators with years or even decades of experience teaching students. We make it a point of pride that our teachers and TAs are all passionate about the subjects they’re teaching and about the locations themselves, making the learning experience that much more engaging and memorable.

Focused learning

During the school year, your student is juggling multiple subjects, assignments, extra curricular activities, social time . . . not here. At EduTravel, the only focus they’ll have is on a singular subject . . . and to have an adventure of a lifetime, of course.

Superior academic outcomes

While we can’t guarantee superior academic outcomes (this is still a Ministry accredited course that must meet all of the curriculum expectations), with an engaging experiential learning model, the lower teacher/TA-to-student ratio and focused learning, typically students are able to achieve strong academic results.

Travelling the World

It goes without saying that travelling the world with friends can be a life-changing, unforgettable experience. Best yet, they can have all these experiences while earning high school credits and coming away with extensive knowledge on their subject of choice.

What subjects/courses can I earn credit for while traveling?

EduTravelForCredit offers both summer and March Break courses, including:

March Break Programs

Summer Programs

Our programs are all expertly designed to strike a balance between education and adventure and honed over the years by some of the best educators in the province.

Travel for Credit FAQs

We’ve been helping high school students travel for credit for a long time now. Over that time, we’ve fielded a variety of questions from parents and students. We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand how our programs work. If you have additional questions or need more information, feel free to contact us or check out our blog.

Q. What is travel for credit and how does it work?

Travel for credit is a unique educational opportunity that allows high school students to earn academic credits while exploring the world. At EduTravel, we offer a wide variety of immersive programs where students can learn about different cultures, history, and subjects while taking in beautiful and inspiring surroundings; all credits earned are transferable and valid for any student earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Q. What are the benefits of travel for credit programs at EduTravel?

Students experience hands-on learning that goes beyond traditional classroom settings. Students are provided an opportunity to gain a global perspective, develop valuable life skills, and enhance their academic transcripts – all while having a blast travelling the world! It’s a win-win-win. Students also benefit from a lower student-to-teacher ratio and OCT certified educators who have years of experience supporting all types of learning styles and students. Our research has also shown that this learning model is extremely effective at engaging all types of learners.

Q. What subjects/courses can I earn credit for while traveling?

EduTravelForCredit offers both summer and March Break courses, including:

March Break Programs

Summer Programs

Our programs are all expertly designed to strike a balance between education and adventure and honed over the years by some of the best educators in the province.

Q. Are the academic credits earned through EduTravel For Credit recognized by schools and colleges?

Yes! Academic credits earned through our programs are issued through our educational partners who are all Ministry approved and therefore all of our credits are recognized and accepted by all Ontario high schools and school boards.

Q. What destinations are available for travel for credit programs?

Students are free to choose from a variety of locations across Europe, South America, North America and Fiji!. See our list above or reach out to learn more at

Q. Are Travel for Credit programs safe for high school students?

Safety is our top priority. We take every possible measure to ensure the well-being of our students.Our programs provide a structured and safe environment while traveling with the team of caring adults. Students do earn a sense of independence and a taste of post-secondary life but do it in a way that is controlled. Each trip has a dedicated Tour Director with intimate knowledge of the local destination and speaks the local language to help navigate the students to get the most of the experiences and to do so in the most safe way possible.

Q. Can everyone take a travel for credit program?

Yes! Provided the high school student has the necessary prerequisites for the course (if applicable) any Ontario students can join our programs!

Q. Is financial assistance available for Travel for Credit programs?

One of EduTravel’s core values is “total inclusiveness” which makes these programs equitable, accessible and inclusive is a major priority for us. EduTravel offers an extensive bursary program that we run internally and offers thousands of dollars dedicated to assisting families that otherwise could not access our programs. No application that is submitted is denied funding. For a bursary application please email

Q. How do I sign up?!

It’s easy – check out our contact us page on our website to ask specific questions or attend one of our free virtual information sessions to learn more about all we can offer your student. At EduTravel, we believe that education should be an adventure. We want to offer your student a transformative experience that combines the excitement of travel with some of the best educational programs in Ontario. Find your travel for credit journey today with EduTravel!

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