Second Day on the Road

Posted 2 years ago.

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The second day of our trip was started with a hefty meal at the U of Ottawa residence bright and early in the morning. After that delicious, albeit extremely rich meal of everything from bacon to waffles, we checked out of our rooms, hopped on a bus and drove straight to the Canadian War Museum.
There we looked around the galleries, learning about the war on Canada’s soil as well as the international battles and peacekeeping mission Canada has been involved in, and we researched one of our choosing in groups. Next were the vehicles. A giant white room filled with tanks, planes, submarines, cannons and everything in between. Veterans of the Canadian army were also there happy to speak to us about their experiences serving the military. Their stories and the sheer spectacle and size of the artifacts on display were truly fascinating, and made for a breathtaking and haunting experience overall. Next was lunch at the Rideau Centre, fairly standard food court fare but fun nonetheless (we needed a bit of familiarity and relaxation in our day).
After that, we left for Quebec, and the bus ride was a rambunctious romp through many eras of music, as well as some occasional screaming of lyrics from the crowd. In Quebec, our first stop was the sugar shack, a fun restaurant that oozed both pure Canadian charm, and maple syrup. A fiddler smiling from ear to ear and maple syrup covered EVERYTHING were just a few of the night’s festivities. Then it was time to calm down a bit, as the sun started to go down, and we drove into Montreal, where we will be spending our night in the McGill University residence. Personally, I had a wonderful day and I am very excited to see what exciting adventures the rest of this trip will hold!
Written by:  Evan Bulloch

Filed under: Civics and Careers – July, Travel Blog