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We thought you may also want to read what some parents and students have said about our trips. You will find below only a few of the many glowing reviews we have received about the EduTravel Experience.

And by the way, our modesty is only exceeded by the quality of our programs!

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My overall experience of California was great. The teachers were great, the food was amazing, the students were fun and I had a blast. My favourite part was Alcatraz because I never thought i would actually be able to visit the island because of the long lines for tours and the fact that you have to book way in advance to even get a chance at going and this trip made it possible. The workload was less than I initially expected but nevertheless enough to successfully teach us what was needed for our credit. I loved seeing all the amazing sights and landmarks that we travelled to and I would love to do it all over again. I just wish we had more time to really enjoy the amazing sights of San Francisco, Santa Monica, Santa Cruz, and much more. But hey, that’s what cameras are for! I know I took more than enough pictures to re-live the trip once again. I made so many new and amazing friendships, I can say that this was the best trip I had ever experienced in my life.

Brandon Bullock
California Dreamin’

I just wanted to let you know that Thalia had a great time on the trip. She said she learned a lot and has even gained an interest in Politics through this experience. She couldn’t stop telling us about how great the tour guide, bus driver and teachers were. She has made lots of new friends too!

Thanks so much,


I‘m so glad (my son) had this experience. It was really fantastic. I wish he could be as impassioned about learning and assignments at his regular school. You guys really motivated him in a positive way.

Thank you very much.

I learned so much more than I would have in a regular classroom. I was able to make a connection to everything which made the curriculum come to life.
Salina S.

Discover Italy

I had an outstanding time on my Edutravel trip. Being in France challenged me to use the language and gave me a great platform for learning. In addition it was the teachers and staff at Edutravel that took education to a deeper understanding. Going to all the different sites allowed me to truly connect with the course material as well as find out so much interesting information about France and its history. My favourite time of the day was dinner, when everyone was together, eating amazing food as a group. When I was there, I became friends with almost everyone and still keep in touch with them to this day. On the trip I gained more confidence in myself and learned how to better manage my time, which I found very important for school. My experience with EduTravel positively impacted me and changed my outlook on life. 

Xanades Ivic-Williams
French Connection

This program was the most life changing experience. It made me realize that there are so many different ways to learn, and I made friends that will last forever.
Bridget D.  
The New Yorker

​My Edu-travel experience has ultimately changed my life, my experiences, my life long friends and memories are all cherished every time I think about our trip. The happiest times of my life were spent in California and Nevada with my Edu-travel family (yes I mean family because the most genuine and loving people were on our trip). I boarded to the plane hardly knowing anyone and wen we disembarked back in Canada the outcome was drastically different. I was able to see the world and learn in a much more effective way then a regular classroom, the teaching style on Edu-travel trips are fast paced but you are able to immerse yourself in the course you are taking for much better results, Our family like atmosphere brought us together and helped us be successful in the way you learned, I would recommend an Edu-travel trip anyone, whenever people ask me what my favourite trip was I always respond with “California Dreamin’ ”

Brian Roach
California Dreamin’

I found this to be an amazing opportunity because I got to experience international business in an interactive and fun way with real world examples. EduTravel makes traveling meaningful because the workshops, events and tours relate to the content of the course.
Robert O.
International Business


This trip allowed me to learn practical things that I can apply to real life and it allowed me to recognize how lessons in class are connected to the real world.
Jacelyn H.
California Dreamin’

All the teachers, tour guides and bus drivers were AMAZING, helpful, fun and knowledgeable. I learned a lot from them.
Tega P.
Civics and Careers

There are so many things that we got to see that I doubt I would ever think of if I came to France on my own. I got to practice using French in real life situations instead of just memorizing verb tenses. It’s the perfect way to learn French!

Danielle D.
French Connection

Travelling to Fiji was a life changing experience for me. It gave me a new perspective of the world.
Ross J.
Biology in Fiji

I made life long friends, shared in unforgettable experiences, and got my English credit in the process!
Tiffany E.
Spirit of America

I learned so much from the trip and made many life-long friends. I will never forget this trip and I truly believe it increased my social and academic skills.
Mila B.
The World of Fashion

Dear EduTravel Team:

I just wanted to send a thank you, as my daughter had an amazing and educational trip to Ottawa, Mtl and NYC. She enjoyed herself immensely and found the tour enlightening and entertaining. She said that she had the best and most ‘chill’ teacher, which made the whole week even more fun and relaxed. So thank you for this opportunity.

I hope you have continued success with this program.

Laurie N.