Dear Parents and Guardians:

EduTravel is a wholly Ontario owned and operated tour provider, founded on the concept of experiential learning. Our mission is to provide students with a safe, fun and engaging learning experience, outside of the traditional classroom. Our trips take a comprehensive approach to enriching the curriculum content, giving students an opportunity to grow and develop valuable skills, while creating life-long memories.

EduTravel for Credit offers Ministry of Education approved credits in partnership with local Ontario school boards. Our experienced teaching staff is certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and hired by the school boards, while our tour leaders are carefully selected and trained to help bring the curriculum to life, in each destination. EduTravel assembles a team of caring staff – teachers, teaching assistants and tour leaders – to ensure that each student feels supported, academically and beyond.

Experiential learning moves away from the traditional textbook approach by integrating the curriculum into each destination. Students are able to make connections between the subject and the real, exciting world around them, creating a genuine interest in their education and a life-long love for learning. This learning model has proven to effectively engage all learners, regardless of academic background, level or ability.

EduTravel’s credit programs allow students to participate as global citizens, living and leading in the 21st century. Integrating the travel industry and the world of education provides a great opportunity to expand student knowledge and understanding. Not only do our students learn about their chosen subject area, but they also discover knowledge about themselves and the world around them, within a safe and enriching travel experience.
Our management team is comprised of educators, experienced travel professionals, or both! We appreciate the value and impact of travel and we want to share this with every student that takes part in our programs. By allowing us to provide your son or daughter with an enriching travel experience, you will also be giving them a chance to further their studies, gain a sense of independence and expand their perspective of the world. Join us in another unforgettable adventure.

Kind Regards,

Ari Sargon
EduTravel Inc.