The 7 Benefits of Study Abroad Programs

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Study abroad programs can, for so many high school students, be among the most rewarding educational experiences they have. That’s because studying abroad programs are designed to not only add educational value, but also help you learn about life, the world, and gain perspective that you may otherwise not have a chance to experience.

Study abroad programs appeal to a variety of students for all sorts of reasons; a friend told them about the amazing experience they had during a studying abroad program or they’ve always wanted to visit a particular country or practice/learn a new language or try different food  . . .

Everyone has their own unique reason to take on this experience. But the one way that all study abroad program students are alike is that they all share, to one degree or another, in the benefits.

So what are the benefits of studying abroad for high school students?

Let’s find out.

     1. Experience the World

It’s a big wide world out there – it’s never too early to start experiencing it. The best study abroad programs allow students to not only learn about the specific subject, but also really immerse themselves in their destination.

You can learn so much from a different culture, different traditions, even how a different climate influences people’s way of life.

The best way to learn about the world is to expose yourself to it, and learning abroad presents one of the best opportunities to do that in a safe and educational environment surrounded by your peers.

     2. Learning Abroad – Emphasis on the ‘Learning’

Of course the benefits of studying abroad extend beyond classroom learning (otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a point to study overseas in the first place). But it’s important to note that summer abroad programs or even week-long programs over March Break don’t sacrifice the educational aspect.

This is still school, still an opportunity to learn, only it’s magnified by the location itself.

Charles Darwin’s five weeks in the Galapagos Islands changed the world. And you can follow in his footsteps with a two-week study trip to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador this summer.

     3. Personal Growth

Whether you spend a week studying fashion in New York City over March Break or the better part of a three-week learning biology in Fiji during the summer, striking out on your own can be a great way to mature.

For many, a high school study abroad program is the student’s first time away from family for more than a few days.

This is a great opportunity for growth and can instill confidence and pride that, yes, they could handle being on their own. Not only that, they were able to explore a locale they likely had never seen before, meet new friends and have an enriching educational experience.

     4. Stand Out from the Crowd to Universities and Employers

Accredited study programs are a great way to help differentiate yourself from the crowd.

With university applications processes becoming more and more competitive and the job market not being much better post-undergrad, being unique and memorable helps make sure your resume doesn’t blend in with all the others.

Getting education abroad can be a strong differentiator that universities and employers really appreciate.

      5. Hone Language Skills

Whether you want to brush up on your French speaking skills while learning Canadian History in France or take your first dip into Italian (my favourite language) while studying abroad in Italy, these programs offer a great chance to improve your language skills.

This is great for so many reasons. It helps you when you’re travelling, opens up work opportunities, lets you communicate better with the locals, you can impress your friends and family, and the list goes on.

Duo Lingo is great and all, but you can’t compare it to being immersed in the language, using it every day with locals, and coming back with the skills of a native-speaker! . . . okay, maybe not that fluent, but definitely better than when you left.

     6. Learn About Yourself

High school can be a great chance for self-discovery. Learning about who you are as you transition from teenager to adult, there’s so much opportunity for growth. And part of that personal growth is self-discovery; figuring out who you are and who you want to be.

Everybody goes through it at some point; a study abroad program can, a lot of the time, accelerate the process.

You can really learn so much about yourself when you’re on your own in a beautiful, foreign location. Even better, you may discover new things that interest you that you had never even been on your radar previously.

All things considered, taking this opportunity to discover more about what you want and what interests you can be life-changing – and benefit you forever.

     7. Share a Special Experience with New Friends

Most people don’t get to travel abroad for school. The best study abroad programs understand the uniqueness of these experiences and do their best to ensure that every student gets to feel just how special it is.

And when you share in something so special, people tend to bond over that shared experience and can become lifelong friends, reminiscing about that special time in New York City or several weeks in FIJI for years – decades, even – after the program is over.

Find a Study Program That Best Suits You

Find a study program that suits you

The benefits of a studying abroad program are clear – now it’s time to find the study program that fits your interests and goals.

EduTravel offers a variety of international study abroad programs that offer perfect opportunities for you or your child to see the world – and learn while doing so.

Our programs include:

Find out more about these amazing opportunities – learn abroad, travel, and grow.

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