Making Wishes and Discovering the Ancient Roman Architecture

Posted 2 years ago.

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We were beyond lucky to walk the streets of Rome getting to see the Pantheon, and after the Trevi Fountain.  

Once we got to view the fountain and throw our coins in wishing for some luck, we headed back to have our lunch. During our break we were given the opportunity to go inside the Pantheon and see the true beauty of this historical structure.

As we walked through the streets we got to really be a part of the culture and got to see up close what it’s all about. We have been talking a little bit about the passion in the Italian culture, and were given a perfect example of it through some amazing street performers (Buskers) playing songs with such passion, in the hot sun.  

We were shown first hand the love these people have for their country and how important the culture is to them.  

We ended our amazing time in this area with a lovely class photo in front of the Pantheon. It was a beautiful day with great weather and everyone really enjoyed his or her time spent here. History of the world is really quite beautiful and we got to see it today. We look forward to many more adventures during our time here in Italy.

Written by: Maeson Van Meerbergen and Raegan Clark

Filed under: Discover Italy, Halton Catholic District School Board, Travel Blog