Great trek to New York city

Posted 2 years ago.

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Today was the great trek to New York city!  During our 6 HOUR bus ride, I had the experience of sampling a Twinkie for the first time in my life!  It was a majestic sweet treat, the decadent fluffy marshmallow filling was definitely my favourite part.  The cake section was chewier than I expected it to be, but in a good way.  That said it was to sweet for my sweet tooth, and i ended up giving the last half to McKenna to finish.


Aside from the Twinkie another exciting event that took place on the bus ride to New York was the On The Campaign Trail presentations.  I was intrigued by the amount of interest there was in the legalization of marijuana.  I thought that some of the points were good, but every group said the exact same points.  The main point for every group was that it helps people with medical conditions like depression and anxiety, but I guess none of those groups realize that marijuana is already legalized for medical use!  That aside I did enjoy hearing everyones opinions on their topic.  My group chose to speak about, why female reproductive health and prescriptions should be covered by fee health care across Canada.  As the Pregnancy Protection Squad we promised to make these changes within the next 2 years of our party being elected.  The assignment opened my eyes to how campaigns really work, you make a promise of what your going to do, when your going to do it, and why it needs to happen.  This will definitely be helpful in the future when I’m trying to decide which party to vote for.

The last event that took place when we finally reached the Big Apple was going to the Top of The Rocks view point.  It was definitely beautiful, but I preferred the Montreal view point.  I a not huge fan of heights especially from man made buildings, so the Montreal view point was more my speed because it was solid ground.  I also preferred Montreal because you could see the entire city in one area from the view point.  Were as in New York the city stretches out farther than your eyes can see, so its just lights and buildings everywhere.  The image I captured of Montreal goes eight from edge to edge of the down town section of the city.  The image i took of New York just shows a small section of “down town” New York.  I put down town in quotations because almost everywhere in New York city is down town , there is no way that you can capture the whole city in one image.  All that said I can not wait for the rest of the New York leg of the Trip and I will defiantly be going back to Montreal in the future.

Filed under: Civics and Careers – July, Travel Blog