Our First Day on the Road

Posted 2 years ago.

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The adventure began as we boarded the plane and flew to beautiful San Francisco!

It was a great chance to catch up on some sleep and meet our new classmates sitting near by. Then, we arrived at Berkeley University and we were able to unpack with our new roommate!

After some very needed relaxation, we had our first work period! We learned names, motifs, themes and we were introduced to our first group project, the Grapes of Wrath seminar! We were all very tired as the time difference started to set in, but pushed though and journeyed to dinner at the campus.


Dinner was very busy but we quickly became pros at getting though lines and finding tables! Soon after dinner the class went for a walk around campus to enjoy the Berkeley life. Finally, it was time for bed.  Everyone sounded relieved and anxious to be hitting the hay. This concludes the first day of many more exciting ones to come! 

Written by: Lily Grigoriadis

Filed under: California Dreamin’, Toronto District School Board, Travel Blog