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Students spent the afternoon lathering themselves in mineral rich mud at the base of Sleeping Giant Mountain just outside of Nadi. First, students covered themselves in head to toe with mud. Next, we played team building activities on the lawn in order to let the mud dry. After the mud was dry, cleansed by going into three pools. The first was muddy water, although the consistency felt clean! After we scrubbed ourselves relatively clean, we went into a naturally heated pool. The water source comes from a volcano. It comes from the ground at 79 degrees Celsius – don’t worry, no one bathed in that pool! The third pool, as seen in the picture below, was the last and the coolest.

We were instructed to not shower with soap for a least two hours after in order to ensure the absorption of all the healthy minerals into our skin. Needless to say we all felt amazing after!


Grade 12 Geography class sitting outside at Anchorage Beach Resort.

These ladies had a lively discussion about natural resources after a day in Lautoka seeing and speaking to the local vendors. 


Dinner at the Boat Shed. It was also Peyton’s birthday, so the staff brought in live music and made her a delicious cake! It was a truly magical evening. We left full to the brim – both stomachs and hearts!


First night on the island of Leleuvia. This island is beside the larger island Mortouriki and about an hour boat ride from main land. Tide is high in this photo.

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