EduTravel Private School is a fully accredited high school offering Ontario credits through travel to students across Ontario and Canada. EduTravel Private School’s programs occur during March Break, as well as in July and August.

EduTravel for Credit programs enrich the learning experience for all students by offering engaging, experiential and affordable opportunities for students.

Our programs are highly customized, experiential learning opportunities for travel to destinations chosen for the relevancy of a particular course or courses and that provide students with the ability to meet course expectations.

The objective of our programs is to enrich the curriculum content being delivered and to create academic pathways to post-secondary institutions, while allowing students the structured independence of traveling with friends with equity and accessibility as key goals.  Some of the highlights that are unique to our program are:

  • IEP support; Student Success (appropriate for a condensed timeline and rigorous itinerary)
  • Blended Model of Instruction and Assessment (online, in-class, site-based travel experiences)
  • Differentiated Instruction and Assessment
  • Progressive and Alternative Learning Model that engages students and stimulates a love of learning and travel
  • University Visits/Accommodation/Instructional time at post-secondary institutions
  • Bursary Opportunities
  • Affordable Safe Travel with TICO licensed tour operator
  • Opportunities for OCT qualified teachers to work to fill the roles of teachers, teaching assistants and tour directors

Our mission is to provide Canadian students with a safe, fun and engaging learning experience outside of the classroom.  

“We need to move beyond the classroom. There is a growing understanding that learning does not just take place in the classroom, and instead more emphasis and value are being placed on “life-wide informal learning and experiential learning.” Experts in the field of neuroscience explain that learning has the most impact when it’s interspersed with meaningful engagement. When a young person can translate what they have learned quickly into action connected to something they care deeply about, what they learn “really sticks.” The increasing prevalence at universities of co-curricular records that place value on civic and community engagement is an exciting example of this shift in perspective.” (Lawson, Bruce, and Ilona Dougherty. “Equipping Our Kids for the New Labour Market.” Policy Options, 13 March, 2017

Our key objectives are safety, learning through travel, integrity, social justice and FUN!

Please visit our blog, Live It Learn It, to enjoy travel posts, articles and discussions on the importance of moving education into the new paradigm of active, engaged, global learning.

The pre and post trip classes will be held at Chestnut Residence & Conference Centre, University of Toronto (89 Chestnut Street, Toronto, ON).


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