California Dreamin’ Day 15

Posted 10 months ago.

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What with all the excitement, I forgot to mention in my previous post that we ended day 14 by pulling into Palm Springs for a two-night stay. Stepping off the bus we were slapped by a wave of hot, stale air. The desert sure is warm, but the Riviera hotel rooms were cool. 

Day 15 began with a hefty breakfast at Billy Reid’s across the street from our hotel. The rest of the morning was spent working on the PSA assignment, the second last assignment of the trip. The PSA’s were to be 2-minute videos that presented a contemporary issue of importance (such as bullying, teen suicide, gun violence, etc…) as well as possible solutions to these issues. Despite the lack of a Hollywood studio in which to shoot footage, the students’ videos were all fantastic, and some even brought the teachers to tears during the afternoon screening! 

With the workday done, we rode the bus to the San Jacinto mountains, where the Aerial Tram took us up 8000 feet to the peak! A stunning view and a delicious dinner awaited us at the summit. I’m not going to lie, the tram was a little scary, but it was DEFINITELY worth it. 

Hard to believe the trip is almost done… Last stop after Palm Springs: Vegas!

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