California Dreamin’ Day 12

Posted 10 months ago.

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Look out Hollywood, here we come! after an early breakfast, we rode the bus to the heart of movie magic: Warner Bros Studios! Under the iconic WB water tower (spoiler alert: it doesn’t have water in it anymore…) our tour guides took us on an entertaining and informative journey of the sets and mock city streets in which some of our favourite shows and movies were, and are, filmed: Friends, Gilmour Girls, Big Bang Theory, The Ellen Show, Shameless, Spiderman (the Toby Maguire one), Batman (pretty much all of them…), etc. We also learned about the studio’s rich history and its classic films such as Casablanca, Dirty Harry, and the Jazz Singer, the FIRST ‘talky’ (film with synced speech). We finished the tour in an interactive exhibit, where we were invited to sit on the couch of Friends and on Harry Potter’s broomstick. And that was all before noon!

For lunch, we wandered Hollywood Boulevard and the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some of us got pictures of our favourite ‘stars’ like Mark Hamill, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles (we would have preferred the real people, but their stars will do…). Then it was back on the bus for a drive through the Sunset Strip, Beverley Hills, and Bel Air before returning to UCLA for an essay work session and a tasty dinner. 

We still haven’t seen any celebrities, but we have two more nights here, so fingers crossed!

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