CAEN the world be peaceful?

Posted 2 years ago.

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Today, we went to Caen Memorial, watched the D-Day film and traveled to the Old City.

The Caen Memorial displayed the world before 1945 and the world after 1945. The Memorial taught everyone about what happened during and what were the after effects of World War II. It showed everything from the Great Depression to women in the war to the cultural life during the occupation. Not only did the memorial display historical facts, it also displayed historical artifacts such as the type of clothes that were worn and also a bunker used during WWII.

As a group, we watched the D-Day film in the Caen Memorial. The D-Day film was about the attack on Normandy. It was interesting because the film was made up of archive and extract clips. It demonstrated the attack in the order of how it occurred.


After learning about all the wars and watching the film, I have come to realize that yes, colossal wars have occurred and have changed the world but there are still problems today, such as terrorism attacks.

Later that day, we had free time to walk around Caen and have lunch. I, personally have been loving this experience because I get to speak French to get my way around unlike back at home where it is broken French.  

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