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Top Student Educational Tours Canada

Both people and academics are more conscious of their impact as they travel abroad; travellers can have a profound effect on their destinations. That help explains why educational tourism – a form or tourism that encourages sustainable >> Read More

Understanding the Study Tour Meaning: How Study Tours Work

Edutravel for credit student program

Summer learning study tours are a fantastic opportunity for high school students to travel the world – and learn while doing so! Study tours have actually been shown to leave lasting, positive impacts on students: 75% of students in one survey said that they acquired skill sets while abroad that influenced their career path. >>Read More

High School Educational Tours for Students FAQs

Educational tours for students can be one of the most enriching experiences for high school students. Teenagers are at a place in their development where they seek – and, studies and experts say, require – independence.  But figuring out how to balance that thirst for independence while keeping these risk-prone young adults safe can be a tricky line to walk. But not with student travel tours. >> Read More

Earn Credit and See the World With Student Travel Programs

Student Travel Programs

It’s hard to list every benefit of student travel programs. Have life changing experiences, learn in some of the most beautiful and impressive environments on earth, and of course, all the ancillary benefits like massive boosts to confidence and maturity >> Read More

The 7 Benefits of Study Abroad Programs

Edutravel Study Program

Study abroad programs can, for so many high school students, be among the most rewarding educational experiences they have. That’s because studying abroad programs are designed to not only add educational value, but also help you learn about life, the world, and gain perspective that you may otherwise not have a chance to experience >> Read More

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