The most beautiful canyon in Europe

Posted 3 years ago.

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On a warm morning on July 17th the class woke up bright and early and went on an adventurous hike in the Verdon Canyon. The Verdon canyon approximately measures the distance of 25 km and measures from 250 m to 750 m in height, and is the most beautiful canyon in Europe.

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There are more than 1500 trails, but only ventured on one or two in groups of 7 or more. On our way up the trails, the views were absolutely breathtaking. From caves as dark as night and rivers reflecting the colours of the sky, one can only stand in awe.

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Hanging above the canyon between the two highest points there is a star suspended by lines of electric wire.

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This stars appears on the crest of la Ville de Saint-Marie and when they are having any kind of festival the star lights up, showing the way to the village so that other nearby can join the celebration.

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