Wild reefs

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Hey guys, it’s Darsh, and I’ll be telling you guys about the exciting day we had today! We woke up and began our day with a delicious breakfast of freshly picked fruit, a pineapple banana smoothie, fresh bread, and pancakes.

We then had some class time where we learned all about using a dichotomous key to determine names of different species. During class we were all distracted by the beautiful sunny day so we were given some free time to study outside on the beach (we were supposed to be studying anyways.)

Next we had a great lunch, followed by some beach volleyball (the girls won of course.) Then came the most exciting part of the day; coral planting! We began by making moulds of cement plugs where we carefully fit pieces of healthy coral. We then placed the plugs in metal grids in shallow ocean water where they will grow and eventually be relocated to wild reefs.

After planting, we had some free time where we were able to swim, tan, paddle board, kayak and play on a  water trampoline! We had a nice dinner and filled up on chocolate cake, then headed to bed for some rest after a fun day.  

Written by: Darshana Powell

Filed under: Biology in Fiji - Grade 11, Travel Blog