Pigs in Fiji

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This morning, July 14th on our Fiji adventure, we left the Novotel hotel at 7:45am to get on the bus to eat a bagel, yogurt and fruit breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

Following breakfast, we had a study period from 9:00 – 12:00 back at the hotel, where we worked on our comparative anatomy blog and studied for tomorrow’s Animal Structure and Function unit test. We then got back on the bus to get our takeout lunches and proceed to the indigenous pig breeding farm.

We got the chance to listen to a specialist talk about the pig breeding, where they cross specific types of pigs to create the perfect breed for the environment and conditions in Fiji. We got to see several pigs of all different sizes and colours in their enclosures; they all had specific information written about them on signs about their pens. Not only did we see some pigs, but we got to see quite a few cows preparing to be milked.

We then returned to the hotel for some down time, which was used to swim or continue school work while we awaited our return to Grace Roads restaurant for dinner. The day ended with more school work in the Novotel hotel, and a goodnight’s rest in preparation for tomorrow.

Written by:   Elise McCormack

Filed under: Biology in Fiji - Grade 11, Travel Blog