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We started off the day with a hearty breakfast at noodle story, and then boarded the bus to visit the Suva Museum. On the front lawn, we enjoyed a packed lunch from Grace Roads Kitchen. After that, we ventured through the museum.


The museum was full of artifacts that represent Fiji’s unique history. I enjoyed the natural history section of the museum. They had a large collection of species to observe, and it was interesting to compare them to those of Canada. Besides natural history, there was a large section dedicated to Fiji and its cultural customs. Unlike Canada, Fiji boasts a beautiful welcoming ceremony to welcome foreigners. After the museum, we went to Suva market.

There were thousands of street vendors selling wood carvings and handicrafts. Me and my friends went on a quest to find chocolate milk, and were horrified that even McDonald’s didn’t sell it. We journeyed through multiple superstores to find it, and we had success, although it is not the same as back home. After the market, we ate dinner at Sunnyville Pizza. They prepared tons of pizza, and it was a very filling meal.

Two employees of the Grace Roads company (they own Sunny Pizza as well) took the time to explain how they originally founded their company here in Fiji to provide affordable, sustainable, healthy food to the people here in Fiji. They grow all their produce organically on a local farm for all their restaurants! After supper, we returned to Novotel and had free time for the rest of the night.

Written by: Melissa Clifford

Filed under: Biology in Fiji - Grade 11, Travel Blog