Mass in Venice

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On July 22nd, our last day in Italy, we, along with the EduTravel discover Italy English class, had the privilege of visiting and experiencing an Italian mass at one of the worlds most beautiful churches. San Marco Basilica, situated in the heart of Venice, was the location for our final mass in Italy.


Between lunch and the four plus hours we had for free time, it gave us plenty of opportunities to truly capture not only Venice, but Italy also. Our four hours allowed us to get back to the church for our 6:45 mass. The exterior of the church, due to its very large and grand structure, pulls in the viewer’s attention.  

It illustrates the influence and power in Italy possessed by the Catholic Church. However, the interior is a whole other spectacle of brilliance. To behold the intricate designs displayed in the ceiling of the church is a whole experience in its self. The magnificent statues decorating the building was just another addition to the aw factor the church has. To be in the building is a once in a life time experience let alone to attend a mass of this sorts.

The choir that performed created a peaceful atmosphere that engulfed the church. Even though the priest spoke Italian, so most of the group could not understand, we quite enjoyed the time spent in mass. It was a great time to pray and reflect on the trip that was sadly coming to an end. It also brought the curriculum that we had just went through to life. Through out the trip many of the assignments, poems, and stories that we read or did involved the theme of religion. It was interesting to take what we had just learned over the past three weeks and relate it to the Italian mass. Overall it was a highlight of the trip for us and a great note to go off on.


Written by: Eric Hill

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