History and Snorkeling

Posted 2 years ago.

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July 23rd started with a yummy breakfast and then we were off to Levuka to visit the UNESCO heritage site in the old capital in Fiji. Seven of us went to the town, while the rest of the group went on a hike in the rainforest. We were there for about an hour, walking around and enjoying the old town, all while doing some shopping.


The boat ride home was interesting, there were a lot of big waves which made it fun. At some points we were literally flying through the air. When we got back it was free time! Me and my friends went to collect shells on the beach while the tide was low, and ended up coming across some interesting species of animals that we still don’t know what they are. While we were collecting shells we came across Mr. Koson who was collecting shells as well and found a sea cucumber. He squeezed it and all this white stringy stuff came out which I didn’t know would happen.


We then ventured to the other side of the island and snorkelled for about an hour which was the highlight of my day. We saw lion-fish, dogfish and many more types of fish. My favourite thing to do was float on top of the coral and watch all the fish interact with one another. We saw a lot of starfish and they looked so pretty and I really wanted to touch one. Today was a fun and relaxing day, with a lot of smiles and laughs. Really loving it here in Fiji.

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