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Hey parents, it’s Nadia checking on day 4 of the biology in Fiji trip. Today was really more of a travel day, but we still had tons of adventure. We started the day with breakfast at the Anchorage resort and packed up all our stuff. After packing, we trekked up the hill to attend class where we learned about animal systems and took lots of notes. My friends and I took some last minute pictures at the scenic gazebo during our brief breaks in between learning about the systems of the human body.


After class we all piled into the coach bus and started the drive to today’s excursion; the Nawaicoba research station. The drive was around an hour, but worth it. Our guide at the research station was very informative and his colleagues were very pleasant. They told us all about how they were breeding sheep to create the Fiji Fantastic breed. These sheep are ideally, self-sheering, as well as resistant to bacterial and fungal infections and have a better muscle-to-bone ratio. Those who wanted to ask more questions got an opportunity to, while most of us went out to see and photograph the sheep and the occasional horse. The lambs were adorable!

After departing from the research station, we spent the rest of the day in the bus, travelling. We drove from Lautoka to Sigatoka and some on the bus were more productive than others. Some chose to work, while most of us sang and talked with our friends or slept. We had a lovely buffet dinner at the French restaurant before arriving at the Novotel. The rooms are modern and the view of the water from our hotel is really beautiful. You can see a small island and boats surrounded by water and we all can’t wait to explore.

I am off to bed now, I am sure your children miss you a lot!

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