Our First Day In Fiji!

Posted 1 year ago.

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Our first day in Fiji started when we landed at 6:00 AM Fijian time. After a 16 hour plane ride we were pretty excited to get off the plane! We quickly went through Fiji Airlines security before boarding our coach bus.


We had a great time on the bus ride being entertained by our guides, Seru and Alice. We had a chance to check out our hotel, the beach, and the outdoor pool before we had to head into town to buy SD cards and data for our travels. We had a fantastic time walking through urban Fiji and witnessing daily life in that setting. When we got back we swam in the swimming pool and played water game for an hour.

We then explored the receded coastline during low tide looking for shells and native aquatic life. Many students had a thrilling time watching the small crabs curry from hole to hole. Eventually we had to go back to resort because the tide started coming back in. we decided to take our laptops onto the deck to finish up assignments and study for tests.

After about an hour, we decided to go back in the pool and swam until dinner, where rice, meat stir-fry, and fresh bread were served. We finally finished off the evening by finishing off more assignments and being serenaded by a small local Fijian band in the resort.

Written by: Michael Amodoa

Filed under: Biology in Fiji - Grade 11, Simcoe County District School Board, Travel Blog